Thursday, October 30, 2008

SEO partially responsible for Excess Consumerism

When we optimise websites are we partially responsible for promoting excess consumerism?

Man's impact on the world's climate and environment cannot be ignored but if we're all chasing profits are any of us actually noticing the changes we are creating?

Check out this MAJOR photo competition that focuses on the global issue of 'sustainability'...

Photos compete for the Prix Picter

Credit Crunch + Recession = Redundancy... well done Sherlock!

With the current climate I have a client that is offering FREE Redundancy Advice to any employer that needs to be informed on making sure they get the redundancy process correct to avoid being taken to costly employment tribunal.

Lets be realistic here, not all companies will survive the current credit crunch, especially if they are competing in a difficult marketplace, with their customers going under and finding themselves in huge debt. The only thing they can grasp hold of is the hope that they can trade their way out of trouble. Might happen for some, but not for all.

As my client says "No SME employer wants to lose staff but in uncertain times it's good to know who to turn to so that you get redundancy right, maintain your employees dignity and avoid the expense of an employment tribunal".

For that reason the HR Dept gets a worthy link to their Top 7 Redundancy Rules that you'll need to know about.

Read it today and stay one step ahead of a potentially expensive employee tribunal!

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Social Media Sites Can Bite You Back

As the nation appears to be entirely interested in the fate of Monsieurs Brand and Ross I have been patiently waiting for the fallout on the young, "innocent thinking" lady who demanded their sacking.

I love this post as it outs the poor lass and and The Mail Goth Vampire Stripper Fades from MySpace
- note there is an image here which maybe NSFW though there's no nudity...

I don't particularly like Russell Brand and I can only tolerate Johnathan Ross a little but I think this type of news only bigs up their profiles even further. Not surprised at the backlash though, the British so envy others success they love to take someone down... hope Ross can survive on his millions... wouldn't want him slumming it now would we???

STOP asking the same questions on SEO!!

I'm bored.

Bored with people who cannot be bothered to research, test and analyse their own SEO.

All I see online is "SEO-No-Mates" with 3 minutes SEO experience asking the SAME questions being asked (and fully answered) 7 years ago. He/she has not got the inclination or interest to actually test their own ideas instead asking more experienced people for the answer so they can get instant gratification, go back to their client looking like a SEO hero, saying they figured it out and then charging them big bucks for it.

I know search engines algorithms are ALWAYS changing, sheesh, yeah right give me a break will ya, if they change THAT OFTEN then wouldn't website's ranking be ALL over the place...?

The SEO guns in the web marketing industry have spent years developing techniques, honing them to perfection and are more than willing to help others... but all thats happening, in my opinion, is that they are creating a lazy generation of SEO'ers who cannot be bothered to test their own SEO out of laziness or potentially fear of failure in their clients eyes. Not saying all new SEO'ers are like this but it there seems to be a large amount out there who just want the easy route, which I disagree with.

I'm all for helping people with SEO techniques but come on quit being spoonfed SEO and start showing some graft. Lets have some new questions being asked... not the same old stuff you could put into a search engine and get the same answer from aeons ago...

I'm not saying not to ask about SEO, just please take the time to go out and do some of your own Web Optimisation research and develop your own thoughts and ideas. I'm thinking of setting up a SEO website for those who cannot be bothered to work at SEO and instead just want to follow others around, pinching their ideas and then claiming credit as their own research. Hmmmmm, maybe theres a way to monetize this? Oh damn its already been done... ;)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funky, Fresh New Logo - Comments Please

Here it is. After literally months of assessment and going back to the drawing board here's the new All Things Web logo. Its fresh, its funky... or is it?

Your comments please!

All I have to do now is create an attention grabbing strapline - I have one thats looking good but I'll leave you in suspense for now.

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Money's Tight, Googling's Free!

I'm an ardent fan of Google Product Search whenever I am buying stuff for the home or office.

I've recently received quotes from 2 seperate companies which I have compared against their competitors on Google's Product Search pages.

In one instance the company was attempting to charge me double and the other the company had already advised their prices were "highly competitive", so how come they had taken the RRP and THEN ADDED VAT...

Now each company has received an email from me with the link to Google Products asking which exact model I am receiving and why the companies listed there offer such a lower difference in price.... it will be interesting to see their replies (though one company has already come back with a more competitive price...)

So next time you want to purchase something I totally recommend you take the product you are interested in and pop it into Google Product Search. You may find the deal you are being offered is not as competitive as the seller is making out!


Microsoft wireless mouse with a mind of its own?

I recently installed a wireless mouse and keyboard from Microsoft to try and cut down the number of cables around my desk.

I have to say I am highly disappointed with the mouse as it tends to have a mind of its own... its scroll wheel only seems to work half the time and reading web pages is getting to be a frustrating task. Has anyone else got a Microsoft wireless mouse that doesn't work as well that one would hope for?

My problem is that I bought it months ago and its unlikely the store I bought it from will refund me.... I'll try for a replacement but if anyone knows of a better wireless mouse or keyboard combo then do let me know.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Dominating SERPS for primary KW

Not that I am bragging but I worked with a client recently and within hours I have them listed 3 times on Googles 1st SERPs page for their primary targeted keyword phrase.


Google Adwords
Google Local
Google Organic results

All done ethically and above the fold. No SEO tricks allowed, not that I do them anyway... something to cheer me up as I keyword research into the night...

Its no wonder web users get frustrated...

I enter the following "Audi S3 lease" into Google and the "first" result via Sponsored Links quite clearly states the search term I used.

I click on the link, thinking "Great!" just what I wanted. I then find I get dumped on the home page of a website that shows nothing on Audi's.

Guess who just wasted their budget for PPC? More importantly guess who just wasted my time?
Its Friday, the end of a long week, I'm grouchy (heh 5 a.m. starts do that to you) so I haven't got time to be messed around. I just want to be served up what I am looking for. Heh that just makes me a typical user!

So when a site then fails to IMMEDIATELY show an Audi S3 after quite clearly advertising one I lose all interest in that company and its products. Here's the site:

If anyone from the company is reading this please, please take note of my comments - serve users content that accurately relates to their search (either organically but especially via PPC) - you'll likely increase conversion rates of visitors into enquirers and stop click wastage.

There is no poorer experience in not showing the specific content on the product you are advertising or making it so hard for the web user to find what they are looking for they give up - especially at 6pm on a bloody Friday.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slowing the User down

These days we're all trying to make our websites more sticky and slow people down on our web pages to increase the chances of a conversion of visitor to buyer and have them spend some money.

Thing is we're so used to rushing around in our lives offline our local councils have made the roads more "sticky" at certain places with fixed speed cameras, raking in one helluva lot of cash as a result.

Most people hate speed cameras, having been forced to slam on the brakes to prevent themselves being incriminated for a few miles an hour over the speed limit. Well now it seems one council has seen the light as they intend to remove them from our roads.

All well and good until you realise that Wiltshire County Council stick MOBILE SPEED CAMERA VANS on bridges over the M4 to catch people speeding there instead.

So on one hand they're to be congratulated but on the other I'm thinking that will just give them the cash to go out and purchase more vans to catch innocent motorists a few miles an hour over the speed limit.

I think the whole thing's rather sinister and will watch this development carefully - my driving licence depends on it!

I hate sales people that talk through YOU

Is it me or do you find over enthusiastic people on the phone totally annoying?

They are enthusiastic to the point of being rude, never slowing to listen to any questions and God forbid if you have any rejections...

I took up an offer of a service today but the guy at the other end just refused to slow down so I found it hard to keep up. It almost lost him the sale as it was quite obvious I was just a number to him...

So what do you do with annoying phone folk?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've never seen such demand for SEO

As a Web Marketing Consultant I have been providing SEO services direct to the UK marketplace for over 7 years and in the past month I have never seen such demand for my optimisation skills.

I believe its purely down to a) working hard, b) achieving significant results online for clients c) charging a fair price for my services

Right now I am working for a client in the world of IT Support and are looking to get on the map. By optimising their website last month has already shown a significant increase in ranking on Google.

So if you are looking for a professional IT company offering dedicated IT support in Bristol then check these guys out. I know you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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