Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slowing the User down

These days we're all trying to make our websites more sticky and slow people down on our web pages to increase the chances of a conversion of visitor to buyer and have them spend some money.

Thing is we're so used to rushing around in our lives offline our local councils have made the roads more "sticky" at certain places with fixed speed cameras, raking in one helluva lot of cash as a result.

Most people hate speed cameras, having been forced to slam on the brakes to prevent themselves being incriminated for a few miles an hour over the speed limit. Well now it seems one council has seen the light as they intend to remove them from our roads.

All well and good until you realise that Wiltshire County Council stick MOBILE SPEED CAMERA VANS on bridges over the M4 to catch people speeding there instead.

So on one hand they're to be congratulated but on the other I'm thinking that will just give them the cash to go out and purchase more vans to catch innocent motorists a few miles an hour over the speed limit.

I think the whole thing's rather sinister and will watch this development carefully - my driving licence depends on it!