Thursday, October 30, 2008

Credit Crunch + Recession = Redundancy... well done Sherlock!

With the current climate I have a client that is offering FREE Redundancy Advice to any employer that needs to be informed on making sure they get the redundancy process correct to avoid being taken to costly employment tribunal.

Lets be realistic here, not all companies will survive the current credit crunch, especially if they are competing in a difficult marketplace, with their customers going under and finding themselves in huge debt. The only thing they can grasp hold of is the hope that they can trade their way out of trouble. Might happen for some, but not for all.

As my client says "No SME employer wants to lose staff but in uncertain times it's good to know who to turn to so that you get redundancy right, maintain your employees dignity and avoid the expense of an employment tribunal".

For that reason the HR Dept gets a worthy link to their Top 7 Redundancy Rules that you'll need to know about.

Read it today and stay one step ahead of a potentially expensive employee tribunal!

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