Monday, April 20, 2009

SEO takes time people

Why oh why do some think that SEO is a short term wonder pill they just have to pop to get instantaneous results?

Yes I can get sites ranked in 3 weeks - I've seen ranking in under 13 minutes once which surprised me (courtesy of Digg) but if you ever choose a web optimisation company I'd recommend you should wait for 6 months before being able to acknowledge if it has been successful (in terms of increasing your website visitor rates to your site).

I rank for some pretty competitive phrases that sets me apart from my competitors (most who seem to think its challenging to get ranked at a local level). Not one of these took less than 9 months to achieve with research and application of that research in measured SEO doses.

Patience is key so if you're looking for a web optimisation company that achieves results try to ignore the ones that make the claims of ranking in the next, so many, hours and work with an SEO that understands the process can take longer.

As this sector hots up its going to get even more cut throat and difficult to rank so making spurious ranking claims is NOT the way forward...