Thursday, October 30, 2008

STOP asking the same questions on SEO!!

I'm bored.

Bored with people who cannot be bothered to research, test and analyse their own SEO.

All I see online is "SEO-No-Mates" with 3 minutes SEO experience asking the SAME questions being asked (and fully answered) 7 years ago. He/she has not got the inclination or interest to actually test their own ideas instead asking more experienced people for the answer so they can get instant gratification, go back to their client looking like a SEO hero, saying they figured it out and then charging them big bucks for it.

I know search engines algorithms are ALWAYS changing, sheesh, yeah right give me a break will ya, if they change THAT OFTEN then wouldn't website's ranking be ALL over the place...?

The SEO guns in the web marketing industry have spent years developing techniques, honing them to perfection and are more than willing to help others... but all thats happening, in my opinion, is that they are creating a lazy generation of SEO'ers who cannot be bothered to test their own SEO out of laziness or potentially fear of failure in their clients eyes. Not saying all new SEO'ers are like this but it there seems to be a large amount out there who just want the easy route, which I disagree with.

I'm all for helping people with SEO techniques but come on quit being spoonfed SEO and start showing some graft. Lets have some new questions being asked... not the same old stuff you could put into a search engine and get the same answer from aeons ago...

I'm not saying not to ask about SEO, just please take the time to go out and do some of your own Web Optimisation research and develop your own thoughts and ideas. I'm thinking of setting up a SEO website for those who cannot be bothered to work at SEO and instead just want to follow others around, pinching their ideas and then claiming credit as their own research. Hmmmmm, maybe theres a way to monetize this? Oh damn its already been done... ;)

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