Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Money's Tight, Googling's Free!

I'm an ardent fan of Google Product Search whenever I am buying stuff for the home or office.

I've recently received quotes from 2 seperate companies which I have compared against their competitors on Google's Product Search pages.

In one instance the company was attempting to charge me double and the other the company had already advised their prices were "highly competitive", so how come they had taken the RRP and THEN ADDED VAT...

Now each company has received an email from me with the link to Google Products asking which exact model I am receiving and why the companies listed there offer such a lower difference in price.... it will be interesting to see their replies (though one company has already come back with a more competitive price...)

So next time you want to purchase something I totally recommend you take the product you are interested in and pop it into Google Product Search. You may find the deal you are being offered is not as competitive as the seller is making out!