Thursday, May 31, 2007

Off the peg SEO sir? Ooooh SUITS YOU Sir! Suits you!

A good colleague of mine asked me today if I had considered an "off-the-peg suits all SEO package" to help him increase potential sales of SEO to his business clients especially with increased demand coming in for these services.

In essence it seems a good idea however in a FULLY professional SEO project I believe a more individually tailored approach to a client's specific needs:

the estimated number of searches on a given keyword phrase(s)
the types of keyword phrases being used
the clients online competitors
expected conversion rates and ROI

An off the peg/shelf SEO service just boiling down to being purely client budget driven - and a low one at that I guess isn't usually going to be a worthwhile project for both myself and more importantly the client.



Chickety chicks... sassy seo chicks online!

SEO Chicks is live and they've got positive attitude!

Check out SEO Chicks here

I'm thinking this should be a good one!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Calling all Facebook users!

If anyone wants to see A LOT more about me then check out my facebook profile and see what I've been upto in my world....

Darren Moloney on Facebook

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Philfing... I guess it's some new sexual technique

No its not something sexual... philfing is a term to describe the art of a website owner deliberately hiding something a user might look for... i.e. "extra charges such as, delivery, creditcard surcharges and insurance. "


Of particular note (to check your sites are not carrying out philfing) are the readers comments at the end of the article...



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Google Local just ain't getting it right...

My company - All Things Web - is signed up for and listed on Google Local, which is great and has resulted in enquiries for work.... however I find it strange that Google elects to change the address from Blunsdon to Hannington (which is the next village on, about 3 miles away) when the keyword search term "Swindon Web Agency" is used...

After logging in to my Google Local Account (to check I was not at fault) I find the address is correctly listed as Blunsdon so why Google do you overrule my entry and show Hannington instead?

So the next step I figure is to check out Google Local help pages, nope, no answer there so I think I should be to contact someone at Google Local... and lo' and behold there are no email contact details, which I find infuriating.... if anyone has a contact at Google Local please ask them to get in touch...

Before anyone suggests I do not wish to use Google Help Groups... I want to contact Google Local directly, something EVERYONE expects to be able to do with any company in this day and age!

I'd also be interested to know if anyone else is experiencing the same incorrect address problem that I am or knows why this is happening and what can be done to fix it... thanks in advance



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Addicted to Facebook?

I admit I've been a Facebook addict recently adding in photos to show off to my buddies online... its great but a distraction (its ok I can cope during working hours!)

What I would love would be stats on my profile views and which photos were proving to be popular with other Facebook users. So c'mon Facebook help feed my addiction!


Hiding behind the anonymity of the Web

Imagine you meet someone at a show/seminar/conference who asks you for your contact details to email you their monthly newsletter.

Imagine you receive this email for about a year.

Imagine an invitation email comes in addressed to you personally asking if you might be interested in a small course on offer in a few weeks time. You decide you are up for it and register online through the emailer's website.

Imagine you complete the online form and 3 days later you still have had no response as to whether you are booked in on the 2 day course.

Imagine that you email the company involved and ask "Am I booked on the course?"

Imagine your buddy (who works weekends) has booked 3 days off from work to come along too.

Imagine you email the company again and ask for confirmation and wait another 3 days with still no response.

Then you decide to phone and suddenly realise there are no telephone numbers listed on the website or in any email communications to you.

Imagine you decide not to do business with this company due to no response and the only means of communication is via email only.


Monday, May 14, 2007

The Meme Buck Stops here!

I got meme'd - a new term for me - by Barry Welford and noted his thoughts on whether he should pass the batons on. I was honoured to be mentioned in the same list as the great Bill Slawski (thanks Barry!) but I think I'll stop this meme but only 'cause the last mags I read must have been years ago on my paper round, hiding in the back of the shop ripping open the dirty adult mags with the other lads... praying we wouldn't get caught by the store owner. We never did get caught but I think he knew we were taking a peek... kids eh...

So my meme round is now for those retired paperboys (I'm not going to link to them as they'll be highly NSFW, for all I know they might not even exist anymore!):

Readers Wives
Club International
Men Only

Bear in mind I was only 15! ;)

Make YOUR MILLIONS here with Facebook!

Got a Facebook account? Looking to make your millions from Facebook?

Yeah me too - so send me a friend request so we can virtually connect and lets start our global domination online together... mwahahaha... ah, ahem.... I digress...

Right, so everyone's raving about Facebook, I admit I like it from a social media aspect keeping up with friends (as long as they bother to keep it updated!) via their posts and photos.

Thing is I am keen to spot a potential market for increased sales from Facebook - either for my own SEO company or for my clients (I have a couple of clients in mind). I spent time over the weekend researching articles on the subject but there isn't too much yet(though believe me that will change!)but I was pleased to have found this earlier today (see dedication and persistence pays off!):

Sell yourself on Facebook!

Let me know what you think, it might work fine for retailers, I am not so sure for B2B companies though we can see....


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Why FREE directory only linkbuilding is just plain crap....

About time someone wrote the truth about directories - the fact is they are barely used when compared to social media websites....

Nice to see its been written by Cornwall SEO - sounds like a good SEO seo chap in the South West UK. Nice to see there's SEO activity outside of London...

What really peeves me is that some directories are advising top rated organic rankings when all I can see is they are using Google Adwords to buy their way in.... and that plain sucks.


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Nice one Nicola, now lets make sure you blog!

I like it when people start up new blogs and Nicola Jane Photography has done just that!

Check it out here:

Gonna need some content but Nicola's photos are very cool!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alan Sugar quotes...

I've never been a great fan of The Apprentice nor Sir Alan Sugar but something about this current series really is keeping me entertained... saying that I looked up some quotes from the great man himself and I thought I'd share them with you:

"Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else."

"I don't think too many people would want my job. I'm a bit of a nutter."

"I've written books on advertising... cheque books." (my favourite one that one!)

"I've got a gut feeling in my stomach." (where else would you find, must have been having an off day!)

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BT Tradespace set up

I set up an account with BT Tradespace a while ago and got round to adding my company details in yesterday and this morning. I've also written a decent blog post - must be feeling pretty creative today!

I like the backend admin side - clean and easy interface, it does not intimidate and its difficult to end up lost inside (always a good sign). A little more control over how the tradespace looks would be nice though....

Check out All Things Web BT Tradespace today and let me know what you think. It has a blog which I will use occasionally, for now I will be sticking with this one here.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You'll now find me on Facebook!

I've been away these past 10 days on a mountain walking holiday with my wife (and halfway through a mate came up too) in the Lake District.

Photos of the Lake District

I'm now back to the grindstone and extremely busy these next 6 weeks with a lot of projects to start, maintain and complete.

Which is great but being on holiday was so much better!

I'm now on Facebook so if you are too I hope to see you there. Give me a shout (or send a message via Facebook) and I'll respond.