Monday, May 14, 2007

The Meme Buck Stops here!

I got meme'd - a new term for me - by Barry Welford and noted his thoughts on whether he should pass the batons on. I was honoured to be mentioned in the same list as the great Bill Slawski (thanks Barry!) but I think I'll stop this meme but only 'cause the last mags I read must have been years ago on my paper round, hiding in the back of the shop ripping open the dirty adult mags with the other lads... praying we wouldn't get caught by the store owner. We never did get caught but I think he knew we were taking a peek... kids eh...

So my meme round is now for those retired paperboys (I'm not going to link to them as they'll be highly NSFW, for all I know they might not even exist anymore!):

Readers Wives
Club International
Men Only

Bear in mind I was only 15! ;)