Monday, May 14, 2007

Make YOUR MILLIONS here with Facebook!

Got a Facebook account? Looking to make your millions from Facebook?

Yeah me too - so send me a friend request so we can virtually connect and lets start our global domination online together... mwahahaha... ah, ahem.... I digress...

Right, so everyone's raving about Facebook, I admit I like it from a social media aspect keeping up with friends (as long as they bother to keep it updated!) via their posts and photos.

Thing is I am keen to spot a potential market for increased sales from Facebook - either for my own SEO company or for my clients (I have a couple of clients in mind). I spent time over the weekend researching articles on the subject but there isn't too much yet(though believe me that will change!)but I was pleased to have found this earlier today (see dedication and persistence pays off!):

Sell yourself on Facebook!

Let me know what you think, it might work fine for retailers, I am not so sure for B2B companies though we can see....


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