Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Using Radio to advertise your web services

I spent the last few days in Javea, about an hour south of Valencia, in a private villa which we "won" in a charity auction earlier this year. Very nice it was too.

Whilst driving around the town I heard a radio advert offering details of a web design company in Javea. This generated a conversation in the car with my wife's friend's husband who had used radio advertising to advertise his used cars sales & service in Wisbech - he mentioned it had been successful for his business but not as much as he had really wanted it to be. It may have been that the advertising they used was not in any way measurable - a simple code for an enquirer to quote to receive a 5% discount having only been heard on the radio ad would have likely helped with tracking.

Regardless the radio ad for web design services I heard was short, to the point, listed the benefits and features - one being they were English speaking and experienced in web design and the other they were sensibly priced - note they did not say their prices were low. It caught my attention - enough to wonder to look into the demographics of radio station listeners back here in the UK and check costs to see how reasonable a form of advertising. It may well suit the larger style of businesses but if I can find a niche station with listeners who may be in a position of buying responsibility in business - whether self employed or employed it may, just may, prove to be a profitable exercise...