Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Isn't SEO just like washing the dishes...?

Whilst washing dishes and plates last night it occurred to me that this process could be considered similar to carrying out SEO.

I have to admit we have a dishwasher in our house, but seeing as its only the two of us here we rarely use it. I'm a modern man so I'm not unhappy to do chores around the house.

So at the sink last night whilst scrubbing away I was wondering if there was a way of explaining SEO to clients by describing washing plates and dishes. I'm not sure if its going to work so bear with me but here goes....

Take your dirty plates and remove one for initial inspection. Thats your website. Its dirty, messy and needs a spruce up.

Pre-rinse that plate to remove the loose remains so you can wash the plate in clean water. This is where you're initially stripping away what you want and don't want from your website. You're left with a few traces of what you do need to examine at the washing up stage.

Visually examine the remains on the plate (do NOT lick them!). You're researching keywords and your competitors websites here. You're looking for those small crumbs that have come through the pre-rinse which are going to be the give-aways to online success.

Using the tools at your disposal - brush, scrubbing pad, J - cloth - clean the plate and rinse. Here you're applying the warm soapy suds of SEO to your website. Ain't that a nice feeling? (Use your knowledge, experience and online tools to get the SEO job done.)

Place plate in drying rack (submit to search engines and link build).

Leave to dry. Leave your website alone for a while. It won't dry to a perfect finish if you keep playing with it!

Once thoroughly dry, remove plate from rack and carry out an inspection on your results. Is the plate as you wanted it, is it coming up to the clean standards you set yourself? Is your website doing the same (you'll have to review your web logs to find out).

Finally put in the cupboard, fully expecting the same washing process on this plate will take place shortly after repeat usage. SEO is similar as it too has to be done regularly If you clean your plate once, use it again and then never wash it your plate will fester, rot and decay just like your website will eventually do on search engines if not optimized regularly enough.

Right, now where's my rubber washing up gloves!?