Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yikes! The power of Keyword research


I regularly research keywords for clients so that they can stay one step ahead of the game.

I also gain new clients by offering a keyword research service that looks to generate a highly significant number of (on-topic) keyword phrases that can be leverage into their existing websites.

I normally find around 2000 keywords but for my last project carried out recently I "discovered" over 4000 keyword phrases (4279 to be precise) that could be used by my client - Attic Tea - where you can buy assorted Chinese Teas online.

A good result that with effort can help increase the content on the website and encourage visitors to use his website as a point of authority and resource for Chinese tea.

So next time you're sat down and can only think of 10 keywords - think instead about keyword research and how and where you can get even more specific keyword phrases that can help your business online. You know you could even contact me and I'll do the research for you (for a fee of course!)