Monday, September 18, 2006

Ebookers positively respond

I received a phone call this morning from an Ebookers Sales Manager with regards to my recent post about the company and its somewhat lacking service from a representative over the phone.

An apology was issued over the phone by the Manager and a detailed explanation as to why I was not able to add an extra driver onto their online booking system or via telephone at the time of my previous call.

Ebookers Sales Manager kindly offered to fully refund my fee without a cancellation charge. However I need the car and its possibly too late to start making other alterations to my trip now. I wasn't after compensation or free car hire for my trouble, my blog was only to get the company's attention which it has done quickly and remarkably well.

This one call from their Sales Manager has helped restore my faith in Ebookers. They have taken the time to contact me to resolve the situation - which is highly professional and makes me feel looked after as a customer. That can only help encourage me to use their business again.

So fair play to Ebookers for taking the time to help. Much appreciated, Karen!