Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Web resources for the environmentally conscientious home

No its not boring - this issue about global warming right now in our time is CRITICAL.

I read a long time ago that planet Earth can only sustain 3 Billion souls, right now there are 6 billion and our resources (water, oil, etc) are limited.

I really recommend this site to those of you who want to make a difference:

The Conscientious Home

It's a site on green issues with plenty of resources and articles that I think you should read.

As a glider pilot and instructor for years I was trained to read the weather conditions so as to prolong a soaring flight - my own record being about 7 hours aloft.

I have seen changes in the weather that mayb a lot of non gliding people may have missed - i.e. thermal soaring in East Anglia in November, December, January and February... I doubt this was the case 10 years ago... and I can confidently say it has to be a result of climate change

Anyways I think the site is worth a read and also one to keep an eye on. Intelligently written and in-depth - something to make you think before jumping in the car/truck/suv to get to work!