Monday, September 18, 2006

Are you listed on Google as an Internet Marketing Expert yet?

I spotted this keyword phrase:

internet marketing expert

in my web logs today.

Quick bit of research and I spotted I was in 29th spot on Google. Admittedly on a UK only search but its a start.

Now I have to admit I never specifically targeted this keyword phrase due to the amount of high competition online for it - over 46 million results on Google worldwide. A UK only Google search is not so bad with only 1.65 million - now this is more like it.

However because of my current position I am going to set myself the task of increasing it's page ranking on Google over the next few months on a UK and then on a worldwide basis for the term "internet marketing expert".

I am pretty confident I can easily move it up to the next page in between positions between 10 and 20.

Getting it higher onto Page 1 results using ethical SEO is going to be the real challenge.

How am I going to achieve a higher listing on Google?

Part of my plan is to create a page that lists people in the search engine marketing industry who are held in high regard by their peers.

If I turn the page into a serious resource that allows my site users to find the major internet marketing experts in the SEO industry across the world and in the UK, then that is likely to generate more inbound links to the all things web site.

This can then only help its ranking in time and increase my website's position on Google - especially if the phrase is properly targeted.

The only one thing I have to watch is that the page does not turn into a spammy one. To get round this I need to think of different ways of using the phrase "internet marketing expert" without spamming the page content (and suffering the wrath of Google).

Here are a few suggestions:

"... internet expert. Marketing on the web is easy...."

"Using marketing experts on your internet website...."

"Looking for a UK Internet Marketing Expert?"

Other keywords I will need to carefully craft around these keywords:

search engine

Should not be too hard but I need to create in-depth content on the page and then make it HIGHLY relevant to the search engines using carefully placed links to the site.

This is just one of the main ways to success and I intend to measure my rankings on this phrase over the next few months - even if my ranking slips away... hopefully not but with a search engine such as Google there are no guarantees on what could happen!

So to start who wants to link to with the anchor text "Internet Marketing Expert"...

...any takers anyone?

Anyone want to be listed? Feel free to ask, my decision however will be final.