Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vacationing away from SEO for a few days

Gonna have to love and leave you dear blog readers for just a few days...

... as I am off for a 4 day holiday in Valencia, Spain - looking forward to it as its my only summer break away from my business this year. Heard its like 34 degrees celsius over there... likely I am going to going to come back a red lobster... I'll post photos to prove it too! ;)

I'll be thinking of you whilst I am drinking my sangria, tucking into paella and sampling the delights of Spanish culture...

By the way I will be posting (surreptiously when the wife's not looking) to my other blog:

Its what it says on the tin... photos from my mobile phone immediately blogged. Gotta love the Sony Ericsson K800 camera phone!

See you all next week!