Thursday, November 02, 2006

In SEO checking is everything

Back in June/July (was it that long ago!??) I aimed for the All Things Web site to come up on the first page of Google UK (note I do not say number 1 position) for certain keyword phrases:

web marketing expert
internet marketing expert
web site optimisation expert
web optimisation expert
uk marketing expert

Just a few from my original list!

These were my original phrase targets and I hit the first page of Google far quicker and with far less links than I thought would be needed for most of them. Was I chuffed, you bet I was! :)

Over the last month I kept one eye on the SERP results and one eye on my stats. In terms of positioning Google was doing great, MSN ok and Yahoo didn't even want to know. Par for the course with Yahoo I suspect unless you pay them £299 and seeing as they own Overture for PPC I pretty much object to coughing up to them.

I noticed that though they were competitive keyword phrases (more than 5 million results in most cases) I was targetting, certain other comptitor websites ALWAYS stood out for these phrases above the "all things web" site.

Fair enough you might say, but it made me curious to start examining their title tags, descriptions and content. Yup I pulled out a few more phrases there too, popped them into keyword research and saw higher amounts of search for less competitive terms. What you might call a no brainer.

So with those details (which I noticed covered off all the seo marketing bases) I realised there was greater leverage in using these new keywords that would more likely pay off in terms of greater levels of enquiries than the ones I'd originally targeted.

Thats not to say the original keywords went to waste as they were great when showing prospective new clients that I can do for myself what I can do for others and got a fantastic response - apart from on ecademy (which might have been my own fault though I'm not so sure).

Anyway what are these new keywords you ask? Well not giving the whole game away, 2 are:

Search engine ranking specialist (I am not sure if it will bring in business but I like the term and want to be ranked on Google's first page for it regardless)

Internet Marketing Consultant (this is where I feel the enquiry "dollars" are and seeing as it is what I do first and foremost along with carrying out SEO for clients its an accurate term for me)

Again early days for targeting these new keywords but I've noticed Google took about 7 days to list my new and lovingly revamped home page Title tag so onward and upward...

I'll keep you posted as to my website's progress.