Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nothing in life is truly free!

We all love the concept of free but as we all know there's usually a catch somewhere down the line...

I have a client with a website hosted on free web hosting supplied from a telephone company that seems to have automated telephone menu's and many faqs on its website to avoid direct customer contact.

We have tried unsuccessfully to connect to the free web hosting space only for my client to be advised today that as they are no longer using the company's telephone, broadband or dialup services that they will be no longer able to update the web pages.

Why this is not made clear on the telephone company's webpages is unknown!

This issue sucks and the client now faces the hassle of having to find a new web host and likely lose the site whilst the company involved updates it's DNS servers to point to the new web hosting servers.

The client by avoiding paying for web hosting will have to go through the inconvenience of changing web hosts. If he had paid for professional business web hosting from the beginning he would have not wasted a week waiting for a response from the current company involved.

Its always a case of you get what you pay for. If you get something for free its not always going to be what you want (and you might not know it till its too late).