Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bitching at Microsoft?

Everyone hates Microsoft and gives them a good bitching whenever they can.

I started using Mozilla Thunderbird a good couple of years ago - exporting all my emails from Outlook into the free Thunderbird email software which I primarily got for its blog reading capabilities. I also wanted to move away from the hold Microsoft has over the IT market.

Log on this morning and find Thunderbird has lost my profile so no accounts or emails, nuthin!

Initial panic set in before I then went onto Mozilla's online help pages to see if I could find an answer.

I duly found one and took what I thought the necessary steps would be to correct what had happened (I found almost 2 GB of emails which I then backed up to an external drive to keep safe).

I resorted to deleting all profiles from Thunderbird and starting again - copying in all the files from the back up that I made.

No luck, Thunderbird didn't want to know. After scouting around for a few more minutes I bit the bullet and phoned my IT engineers. And guess what?

"We don't support Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird products as we specialise with Microsoft."


So next time you're cursing Microsoft just remember there's plenty of engineers with experience in Microsoft that'll likely cost you less and get your machine fixed faster.

Mozilla Thunderbird - lose your email at YOUR PERIL!

BTW if anyone knows someone who can help I'd be very apreciative.