Monday, October 30, 2006

Preferred SEO & Internet Marketing Blogs

I read a lot of blogs, not as many as some as being a one man band I have to do some paying work but enough to keep me informed and entertained.

Below I listed my preferred Internet marketing and web optimization blogs that I read on a regular basis:

SEO Moz - Rand Fiskin and his team based in Seattle operate a very active blog thats always in the thick of the action!

Kim Krause Berg - owner of Cre8asite, Kim's experience in the web industry is second to none. Her blog really is a highly informative read.

Bill Slawski, SEO by the SEA
- great sounding blog, with some detailed Blogging on Google's Patent(s?) applications. What Bill doesn't write isn't worth reading about.

Randall McCarley's 14th Scout - newer to the scene (for me anyway) Randall posts original blogs and shows he can create original content, written in a personalized style that has you coming back time and time again.

StayGoLinks from Barry Welford - Barry's blog can come across with a slightly technical flavour but really stick with his posts, they offer some real insights into the web being used on cell and mobile phones. With an increase in mobile phone surfing this blog is one to watch!

Sophie Wegat, Think Prospect - not long on the blogging scene but Sophie (a highly talented web designer based in Australia) is already attracting some big named guest commentators in the SEO and web world. Posts only occasionally rather than daily, but what Sophie blogs about gets you thinking.

Peter Da Vanzo V7N Marketing News - I am not sure if Peter owns this blog or just guest blogs here. Either way his thoughts are highly relevant and original.

Michael Gray's Graywolf Blog - I came across this blog by accident based on his observations of a whale sight seeing company. I like his style of blogging, he takes himself seriously BUT not too seriously and has an excellent knowledge of web marketing. I always look forward to Michael's posts.

Happy hunting!