Friday, October 27, 2006

Borat The Movie - Friday Fun!

From his days of Ali G, Sacha Baron Cohen has come far with his Kazakhstan based character Borat, so much so I prefer this character over his previous incarnation.

Using (and getting away with) bigotry, sexism and possibly some homophobism he portrays an innocent minded simple Kazakhstani reporter that travels to America to see a modern western nation in all it's glory. What he manages to get away is legendary, perhaps non-PC though always very funny and I for one cannot wait to see the film. I

I have to admit its given me the urge to go visit Kazakhstan, and that can only help the country's profile.

Borat, he's on his way to a cinema near you!

For trailers check out the following website:

The unofficial Borat website:

His bigotry is slightly wrong, but his sense of timing is so right...