Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Testimonial Fun: All things Web is All things Wonderful

Many of my clients love what I do and verbally tell me so... increasing the internet traffic to their websites and keeping them posted on what they should be doing to get the most from their websites...

The hardest thing I find to do though is to get your clients to WRITE a glowing testimonial on headed paper. Once you got an SEO testimonial from them in writing ensure

a) you frame it

b) you scan it

c) you blog about it!

Here's one excerpt from a client's written testimonial I received today:

"Dear Darren

... it took a big leap of faith to utilise the marketing techniques of my arch enemy "cyberspace". However it does appear people "can hear you scream" in this big void. This has become very evident due to the amount of visits we now have to our website since you did your mystical webby witchcraft."

For my blog readers I'll pause here to say I don't do smoke and mirrors stuff but I love the term "mystical webby witchcraft" though don't you? I digress....

"Within a few weeks of your visit we can be found ranked 7th on Google for Corporate Drumming world wide.... ... it is without doubt that we secured our biggest job to date with [insert MAJOR GLOBAL brand name satellite TV channel] because of your work, support and expertise. You have converted me, I'm not so scared of marketing by the web and I am now extolling the virtues of cyber voodoo as much as I can.
In my eyes All Things Web is All Things Wonderful"

Its testimonials like this that make my day and all the effort I have put in just so worth it. Jason, many thanks for your testimonial, I was chuffed to bits to get it!