Thursday, May 25, 2006

Making SEO affordable for your business

I quoted a few weeks ago for a company who wished to have their website optimised and targeted correctly for relevant keyword phrases.

They came back advising that at present the price quoted was right now out of their budget and was there any kind of service I could offer that would help with the website marketing and optimisation but at a lower rate?

Well there was and I was able to go in for a few hours consultation at a budget which suited their pocket with greater value.

Below I have listed below some suggestions and links to websites that can offer you website optimisation on a budget.

Read it from an SEO Training Book!

I will admit I am self taught in SEO and along the way I have wasted good money on books exhorting the "secrets of SEO". However along the way I found a few great gems that I will recommend here:

Jill Whalen's "Nitty Gritty of Writing for Search Engines"

Very concise and great if you don't yet know how to write your content to suit search engines.
Highly recommended and one book I will ALWAYS take time to refresh myself on every 3 to 4 months.

Sitepoint's "The Search Engine Marketing Kit" by Dan Thies

This is one book that by its size when it arrived at the door (its not a download) blew me out the water. It WILL take you quite some time to go through but if you're new to SEO or even not so new its definitely worth investing in. For people with some SEO knowledge the first few chapters can be glossed over - the information towards the rear is more important to help you refine your approach.

Hire a Search Engine Marketing Consultant for a few hours or day

This is a great way to get a web optimisation expert through your door and directly assist you with the marketing and optimisation of your website.

Don't however expect them to start actually making the changes to your website instead they can provide you with an action plan of where your site is going wrong in its search engine AND visitor targeting.

2 ways you can look at this approach:

  • One you've read up on SEO and you've carried out some processes to your website but you want a consultant to go over what you have done and double check your optimisation efforts - just to ensure the fuzzy bits you were not sure about are not going to harm your website in the search engines OR worse put your visitors off!
  • Two, you do not have the time to sit down and start learning (heh you got a business to run!) and you want the search engine marketing consultant to offer you some education to give you a head start and be there to answer anything about SEO you are unsure about.
Fees vary from business to business - some SEO agencies charge £1000's a day whilst some one man SEO experts will likely charge only a couple of hundred pounds for a few hours to help you out.

It pays here to do some research when choosing an SEO consultant - look at the web, look at their results, look at their own marketing efforts with their own sites (hard if you do not know what to look for!) and see if you can find a consultant who is recommended by word of mouth - thats how I mainly get a large proportion of my business.

Site Reports

Many companies involved in search engine marketing can offer comprehensive website analysis for a one-off fee. Your website is analysed and a report is provided with an action plan (sometimes with keyword research too). You can then decide if you want to carry out the action plan yourself or hand off to a third party to carry out these SEO processes for you.

One web marketing consultant - James Saunders of offers extremely detailed site reports for just about any commercial website. James comes very highly recommended and having worked with him in the past and present I can definitely say he knows his stuff!

Email me at if I can be of any more help to you in your endeavours to market your own commercial website on a budget.