Monday, May 22, 2006

Dare to break Google's submission guidelines?

I have always carried out "ethical" SEO since I started in this industry and this has worked out well with getting my clients websites listed in Google.

Google uses algorithms developed by it's in-house engineers to determine a website's position within its rankings for a keyword search term entered by a searcher.

The algorithms and filters can be indirectly manipulated to list a website higher in the rankings than it really should be.

A search engine cannot afford to lose it's web audience and will take great lengths to ensure a website comes up to standard.

Search engines results that are unreliable can potentially put off users causing them to use another engine to conduct a search for what they are looking for. This then can lead to a decrease in revenue from paid sponsored links - not what a search engine really wants!

If the site does not adhere to their guidelines then the engine is very likely to either drop the website from its rankings OR just refuse to ever list the site on a long term basis.

For more information on ensuring your site complies with Google then please follow this link:

All the answers are there for you to identify on what NOT to do!



PS returned from holidays late yesterday, completely Disneyed out and now jetlagged!