Friday, May 12, 2006

Todays 10 minute presentation

I belong to a business organisation called BNI and participate in a group in Bristol. Its a good way to meet other business people but the only downside is that you have to get up extremely early (05:15am for me) to meet for breakfast.

Still its good fun and I get decent leads from it on a regular basis. The hard part is then finding leads for those that generated business for you!

So I had to present my 10 minutes to a group of around 27 people in the meeting.

I went over what to avoid when they hear from people attempting to sell them search engine optimisation services over the phone via a cold call.

The usual stuff such as:

keyword stuffing and keyword hiding
illegal redirects
hiding content inside CSS files
guarantees which turn out to be useless

The presentation seemed to go down very well and I received some great remarks about the presentation after it ended!

I did have to wing it as I did not carry out a practice speech before hand to check it would run to 10 minutes... not bad as I came in close at 8 minutes 54 seconds which then allowed a few questions from the floor.

I'd also failed to bring a draw prize so I ended up giving the winner a £10 pound note - he seemed to think that was very generous AND SO DID I but I thought giving him a fiver would look too tight!

My experience has grown in SEO in line with my public presentation skills which as been great for my business. So if you're looking to increase the amount of work you do then I would recommend the power of business networking.

It takes a bit of effort but its a great way to meet and do business.



Ps off to Florida for a week for a well earned rest so I may not be posting for another 7 days... depends if the other half lets me!