Monday, May 22, 2006

'Tis late but could not resist

Having transferred some of the holiday photos this evening of my recent family trip to DisneyWorld, in Florida, I could not resist posting some of the ones that stood out from the rest!

Have to admit the gorillas did look kind of bored, this one stared back at everyone like he'd seen it all before. He got bored in the end and wandered off over the slope behind him.

Catastrophe Canyon - unexpected fire and water on the Backlot Tour at DisneyWorld's MGM Studios - I was impressed by this one!

Lights - Motor - Action! Very cool cars and an almighty explosion at the end that I think the whole audience felt the heat from! Lucky shot to get as the explosion quickly disappeared!

Me and the missus... I really have to lose some weight, so my diet started today... :(