Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An SEO Blast from the past!

I optimised a website a long time ago for a client of mine who had set up a business in homestaging and property presentation to help people sell their homes.

The client Zoe Beaudro, is also a family friend and as with any small business start up funds were severely limited. Obviously, as anyone would, I wanted to help a friend as much as I could and helped the client set up Contribute and explained the benefits of link building and keeping the site up to date.

So far the client has carried out most of the maintenance and updates of the site (with the odd tweak behind the scenes carried out by me).

As so often happens with friends when things get busy, time or that lack of time prevented us from seeing each other as often as we would like and I had not tracked the site in a long time.

I received a call this evening from Zoe to say she was receiving enquiries for home styling expertise from the site and was really pleased with what was happening.

After a quick check I discovered Zoe's website www.zoebeaudro.co.uk was second worldwide for the keyword phrase "Property Presentation".

After a long chat catching up I then advised her how to go about the next stage, tweaking, the site, researching more keywords as Zoe now wishes to be found for "home styling expert"

I'm really pleased to see my initial optimisation efforts have been rewarded - not only by my own work but also by Zoe's commitment to her website and her business.

Those who try, succeed indeed!