Monday, November 13, 2006

The UK Seo Community - is there one?

I post and read the Cre8asite forum on a regular basis and also subscribe to quite a few of the blogs that forum members have set up. You can sense the community and team spirit - but to me it seems stronger and more together in the USA - especially around the PubCon thats being held in Vegas...

Is it me or is there an active SEO community in this country... I've searched around but not yet found one.... which is a shame... maybe its an "underground" SEO community and you have to know someone to get in.

Apart from the legendary Ammon Johns @ Fresh Egg we in the UK don't seem to have characters such as Kim Krause Berg, Rand Fishkin, Bill Slawski, Mike Gray, Shoemoney, Danny Sullivan and the like as they do in the US.

Are we missing out here with our own uniquely skilled and original characters... is it about time some UK SEO'ers (myself included) stood up too?