Thursday, November 09, 2006

Get your site optimised from those without PageRank

It really leaves me in disbelief sometimes.... I belong to a community called ecademy and regularly use the site during my working day.

I found today a self proclaimed expert in SEO, liked their writing style and followed their post to their website. Now I don't go by PageRank as a holy grail but I'd expect a web optimization specialist to get at least something... and if the excuse is its cause its early days then I'd postpone saying how much of an expert I was until I had some PageRank at least.

Is it only the web industry where individuals can set up for next to nothing, read a few other peoples websites and then proclaim they are experts in their field?

If you're going to say you're an expert in SEO then at least back that statement up!

Really gets me going this one!