Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PubCon Vegas? You missed Pubcon Blunsdon baby!

Couldn't get to Pubcon Vegas this year?

Too far to travel?

Too costly?

Saving the planet by NOT flying again this year?

Well never fear 'cause why not have your own PubCon Vegas in your own village, town or city?

Grab a mate (with at least some knowledge of the web), take them down the local hotel (if you have one, if not a pub will have to do), wait to be served and start drinking, amaze and wow your buddy with your vast knowledge of web marketing, drink some more.

Get on the "fruitie" (aka a Fruit Machine - a gambling machine) and try your luck. Promise to win again next time. Drink some more.

Talk more about SEO or SEM - depends how drunk you are by this stage. Drink some more.

Wander back to your room, polish off a few from the mini bar, ok its your spirit/liquor cabinet but you can pretend... drink some more.

Call it a close at 3am.

Head to bed. Wake at 7am for another thrilling day at PubCon Blunsdon - One Man Band SPECIAL with a mighty hangover... I bet its almost like the real thing!