Monday, November 20, 2006

Our first wedding anniversary!

It was mine and my wife's 1st wedding anniversary this past weekend so we planned to go away for a couple of days and do something VERY special.

We spent some of the weekend at The Manor Hotel, Castle Combe and I took the liberty of renting a BMW 2 seater sports car from Escape Prestige Hire for the weekend.

I've had some experience handling sports cars in the past but nothing at the level of a BMW Z4... 'twas great fun though the threat of mobile speed camera vans (I really detest you sad gits that sit there snapping motorists, you so need to get a life!) kept my speed way down the scale. The car was highly responsive, looked the business and got many admiring glances from other road users (which I don't tend to get in my Ford!)

The Manor hotel in Castle Combe was truly exquisite and was a true romantic setting for me and the wife. It was only a short distance away from our home, but Castle Combe is like stepping back in time... its so quiet at night... perfect location though outside it does make me think of Gotham Manor House from Batman... still a stunning building inside and out. And the food and service is second to none but you'll pay a somewhat hefty price - hint, but ITS WORTH IT!

I'll be posting more photos on my other blog:

Now its back to reality and the grindstone to save up and do it all again!