Monday, November 13, 2006

Results on PS3 blog post

I did some research on Saturday after spotting the PS3 release in Japan and created a blog post around all the fuss the PS3 is creating PLUS a top ten list of where to pre-order a Playstation 3.

In retrospect it worked quite well, ok for me very well especially for a Saturday which is almost the quietest day on this blog in terms of visitors hitting it.

I found that "Pre-order PS3" was a hot keyword in demand so as a test thought that the post should revolve around that... as well as my opinion on all the fuss about its release in Japan (heh lets make this personal ya know?)

I received 45 visits in one Saturday afternoon and this blog was referred to by people in their emails (whoooo, yes I can hear you at the back!) but it proved to me that write the correct headline with a useful post (why I changed the post to a top ten) and you'll see that you can draw people to your blog.

Did it make much difference to my bank balance...? Nah not really but it did promote the All Things Web brand in Europe but mostly across the USA THOUGH I had my first visit from Iraq - which was kinda cool!

Got my imagination running riot of some elite soldier in a vicious firefight cooly checking out my blog on his laptop whilst taking potshots at insurgents!