Thursday, November 16, 2006

How many enquiries are you missing out on?

Its mine and my wife's wedding anniversary this weekend so I decided (in my infinite wisdom, my wife begs to differ) to rent a powerful sports car for the weekend and go away in style... nothing wrong with my car but I fancied a change and to live it up a little seeing as I have been working so hard for the past 8 months!

So I checked out a couple of prestige car rental firms online and made some calls. ALL had answerphones and out of the three I rang one has yet to ring back (now 4 days later), one rang back 2 days after my initial call and the other rang back within 10 minutes apologising for not answering soon enough as he was with a client.

Guess which one I rented a sports car from?

Poor and delayed responses to enquiries are not an indication of good service. How long does it take you to respond to an initial enquirer?

Right I'm off for a weekend of living it up... ;)