Thursday, November 09, 2006

1 set of SEO results, 2 sets of responses

My website is doing remarkably well in Google for targeted keyword phrases yet when I tell 2 different sets of people I get 2 different kinds of responses.

The first response:

When showing them the results I am achieving online this type of person gets very excited. They are impressed to see the search engine optimization service that I offer I have also carried out for my own All Things Web site - a case of what's good for the goose is good for the gander then!

This type of person then wants to talk more in depth about what I can do for their business and price is not then (generally) as strong an issue as I have proved to them what can be done by All Things Web for itself and its clients.

The second response:

A somewhat muted response to the point that what I have achieved in getting listed for the keywords I was after (against 8 million other results) is actually "downplayed."

Usual comments are "well... it's to be expected really".

These types of people aren't really all that keen to share in my recent online success and to me its perhaps obvious why.... is it obvious to you? Comment below and let me know.....

If you're reading this let me now lead you to Peter de Vanzo's recent blog on "How to tell if someone is lying to you"

A good post to remember the next time for when you're negotiating with someone.