Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Link requests that just go nowhere...

I get many link requests and I ignore most of them as they are from sites I do not hold in high enough regard.

However I get the odd decent link request and upon investigation seems to be a good enough site for me to link to. The request usually asks to be placed on a page with at least a Google PageRank of 3 (my site's home page currently has a rank of 4 after 6 months)

So I respond positively advising my link details and that I would want to see a link to my site first (heh they asked for links in the first place you know?) without NO FOLLOW tags applied or crafty redirects and using the anchor text that I require (or a variance on that theme): internet marketing consultants

An exchange of emails usually follows where both parties then agree to place links. I advise that I do check for backlinks and mention that if the link is set as NOFOLLOW or removed down the line then I reserve the right to remove the link on my site back to theirs without notification.

It thankfully does not happen that often but I seem to have found a new link request behaviour and that appears to me is to do the following:

You get asked for a link from your site wanting it on a web page based on a certain topic with a certain level of PageRank

You're advised the web page they will place a link to your site also has PageRank and is also on-topic and on theme.

Then once a link to my site is on your website and more importantly a link from mine to yours, you quietly move my link on your site to a new page - usually a page with a very low Page Rank or worse none at all...

So it seems to me that its now about not deleting the link you originally offered but just giving it "less value" (in my case by seeing my link moved to a no PageRank Links page) whilst you get a high value link - placed on topic, with the required anchor text and inside my content back from my website.

I'll email the original link requester asking why was the link moved and I will get some nonsense about the website's publisher needed room on that page or it was felt my link on their site was better suited to the Links page... would I mind and that they hope I continue to keep their link on my own website in its original place.

I could just say at least I have an inbound link but its being "duped" that grates so I'll then quietly drop the link this end in a few days.

Both parties lose out in terms of link quality and its a waste of time for all.

For those that wish to link to me I am happy to take a look at your sites however please do not mess me around. My time is taken up more and more with clients so if I feel I am being messed around in some way I don't want to know....

Mr Play Fair really is out of his cot this morning....