Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gambling on Cheap Search Engine Optimization

It amazes me that so many businesses put their faith into the Internet and use internet marketing specialists/consultants like myself to help their websites get ranked highly, generate significantly increased traffic (organically or via PPC) and increase sales conversion rates online.

What astounds me is how little value some people put on our PROVEN expertise expecting dirt cheap search engine optimization rates whilst wanting 1st place position.

Quite clearly thats not entirely do'able.

Here's an example of what I am talking about:

A competitor SEO Company approaches my client and says we can only find you for one phrase on Google. They talk through some results they've "discovered" and sell you the concept of being found for more keywords at the amazingly low rate of £35 per month for 12 months offering 1st page position.

My client asks them how they intend to do that and my competitor advises they cannot fully give the details until they're signed up with them. Really???

So my client contacts me asking can I offer the same level of search engine optimization service for more keywords at the same price - only £35 per month for 12 months. I advise thats madness, stinks of a scam and he'd be better investing more for better search engine optimisation.

He explains the other company's offer and kindly tells me who they are... their name kind of rings a bell for using spam techniques in the past and I am sure they have had a name change. I'm not going to name and shame them here though so please do not ask.

I ask my client what terms this competitor is ranked for and he gives me a keyword phrase they have passed to him.

"Any more phrases they rank for?"

"No" he replies.

"So just the one. So they're saying you rank for just one phrase the same as them. Though I know thats not true from reviewing your stats last month. But they say they can get your company found for more keyword phrases in number one slot for just £35 per month?"


That's (in my book) total bullshit. I then proceeded to explain to my client that it cannot be done by All Things Web and I smelt a rat. I checked out the competitor site and lo and behold we get the offer of:

"Site Submission: Your site submitted to thousands of search engines from only £35 per month!"

So where's the research, the testing, the client review, the analysis of results and the re-application of SEO where required? There was none - just site submission to thousands of search engines - MAN I AM SO IMPRESSED! Thousands you say!!?? Amazing!

The only search engine I give a s*** about is Google - any other search engine in the Uk does not just cut the mustard (as well) for me, my clients or their site visitors. My client knows that too. In fact all of them do.

I still cannot believe people fall for these kind of companies who offer this lunacy SEO - especially the clients I've already helped get their sites found online AND educated them along the way.

If you value your business, if you value your website and if you value your web optimisation specialist with many years of business you won't go too far wrong.

If you don't and you want cheap shoddy so called SEO services then you're gambling not only with your money but also with your website. Get it wrong and you'll likely stand the chance of getting de-listed from Google and thats only going to cost you more money down the line....

The final choice is yours but too many firms take the cheaper step and then wonder why they got burned, ripped off and/or tied up by the cheap SEO company's contract.