Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Further to SEO gambling

I found this post written by Ammon Johns of FreshEgg over on Rand Fishkin's website:

Clients who are ignorant can not tell whether your service is remarkable or not. They simply can not tell whether you honestly offer anything better than the offers made in the emails they will receive from bottom-dollar offshore suppliers apparently offering all their SEO needs at a fraction of the price. But even ignorant clients will learn. Ignorance is not a lock-in.

I agree ignorance is not a lock in (to my clients) but I have found overloading clients with info can make things more difficult for them to comprehend.

Will ignorant clients learn if what I offer is better than as Ammon puts it "bottom dollar offshore suppliers... at a fraction of the price"?

I truly hope so! I haven't spent these past years to be out-competed by some so called SEO company thats carrying out optimisation and online marketing read quickly from a book or other peoples websites.

Read this post of mine:

Then read Ammon's here for more details: