Monday, October 02, 2006

Music to do SEO by....

I work on my own a lot (all together now... aaaaaaaahhh) so the only companion I have whilst in the office carrying out web optimization is music streamed over the internet or online radio.

Search Engine Optimization can be a series of repetitive tasks at times so the type of music I listen to can seriously help me stay enthusiastic and get going even faster.

I'm a fan of rock and trance music (though about an hour is all I can manage unless the tunes are really uplifting):

Live 365 has thousands of stations to choose from - its a free service with annoying ads though you can pay to have the ads removed. Its not expensive but I think I'd rather stick with the advertising. The ads to get you to join as a paying member are VERY creative.

Not sure how I found this website... ah yes I was looking up Kelly Clarkson and Sony's site was linked to from her official website. Yes I do have a thing for Kelly Clarkson, and no, my wife does not know. Nothing to worry about, its not a stalker thing and if it was I wouldn't have the time anyway! ;)

I've found a band on Sony's Musicbox website by the name of Flyleaf - the song I really like from them right now is "Fully Alive" - the lead female singer really has an amazing voice. The guitar riffs ain't bad too! I could listen to this song all day. The only problem with Sony's website is that when uploading files to my web server it seems to affect the music stream and breaks up the sound for a few seconds. Rather annoying.

Other music or radio stations:

Little Chris
Kelly Clarkson

Radio 1 - fan of Jo Whiley, sometimes Chris Moyles

Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine from 12pm to 2pm - more of a talk show but some interesting subject matter and clever songs attached to each subject...

What music are you into when your doing your SEO work? Let me know.....