Monday, August 21, 2006

Trademark rules not adhered to by Google

Maybe its me. Maybe I have missed something but I tried to set up an Ad Group in an SEO campaign for my own company - All Things Web - using the term "Google" in the Ad.

Google will not allow me to do this as they advise it is Trademarked. Fair enough.

HOWEVER when a trademarked term is put in for another client of mine in organic search one of his competitors is listed above in a sponsored (blue) link - AND it comes up for a specific trademarked term.

Yet when I complain to Google and advise that the competitor is using a trademarked term that belongs to my client they advise me that "we should contact the competitor to advise for them to stop using a trademarked term".

Why they cannot just prevent my clients competitor from using his trademarked term I do not know. Talk about looking after your own... or is it that Google only look after the bigger industry players????

I'd very like much to know and invite a public response from Google to respond. I'd be interested to hear.