Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Google Base for ecommerce merchants

Known previously as Froogle I had my doubts when a client first asked me to set this up for his website.

It might well serve the USA market but I was doubtful it would increase the number of visitors to my clients website.

However I think I have been (pleasantly) proved wrong.

Having advised my client to significantly lower his prices on certain outdoor/walking/hiking/camping products Google Base/Froogle is now in most cases listing his website products in "Product Search Results" at the top of the Google page - ABOVE the 1st place organic result.

This has lead to more traffic - 28% - and a significant rise in conversions of visitors to sales.

The next plan is to increase prices to just BELOW his competitors online prices so he can make more from a sale. At the moment some of the prices are being sold with a very marginal profit so he now needs to make some money. Being able to see what his competitors are charging is proving to be a bonus!

If your online shop is not being listed I would seriously go out and get your site and it's products today into Google Base!