Thursday, August 17, 2006

Forums help promote your brand!


Wanting more traffic to your website?

Thought about starting a Forum? Its not all blog, blog, blog... there are other ways of getting traffic to your site.

Creating and managing a forum can be a good way of having regular users on your website on a daily (or even hourly) basis.

I have a client who has a forum about "Bergamasco dogs" and I believe the forum has helped her site climb up in Google to 1st place for the term mentioned above. It is admittedly a niche website with only 214000 other websites competing so that is likely another main reason for its high ranking but with plenty of forum topics using the term Bergamasco I think it has been noticed by the search engines as higly relevant.

It has taken a while to increase the numbers of visitors to the forum and the website but both are now doing very well in terms of focused traffic.

The only downsides? Having to monitor the site and ensure no-one is abusing the forum rules. If the forum is abused do make sure you can ban forum members by name AND ip address to help prevent their return.... one bad apple can ruin it for everyone and send your members to other forums... so make sure you protect your investment.

Work hard to make your forum a 1st stopping point for your business/hobby sector and its likely you will see a positive return.