Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Optimizing your blogs - Part 1

Blog optimization appears to be in ever increasing demand from bloggers.

With 75000 blogs being set up daily and 21 million regular blog visitors it's not hard to see why optimizing blogs is becoming a minimum requirement.

Blog optimization should be treated in pretty much the same way as you would with any web page. Blogging systems are just a glorified CMS at the end of the day!

Research keywords, look for demand in your arena...

I have already sourced the following phrases for my blog for blog articles for the next 17 working days:

Here are just some:

Microsoft wants to dominate internet (like we did not already know that!)
Free Search Engine Submission pitfalls
Top Ten Search Engine Placement
Improve Search Engine Rankings
Search Engine Position Consulting
Effective Search Engine Optimization
MSN Search
Optimize Blog
Blog Optimization
SEO Optimize Meta Tags
Optimize Web Site Promotion
Achieve Natural Optimized Listings

By now researching and carefully applying the phrases into my blog content, ensuring each is mentioned in each articles page title and tagging will help me on my way to bringing in some serious traffic.