Monday, August 14, 2006

Time to update... for better web optimization

It pays to test, refine and analyse your web optimization results on a regular basis and create and modify pages around some of the data that you receive from your server logs.

Well its been around 3 months now that my web pages at All Things Web have been up offering my web marketing services to potential new clients.

In that time it has generated a number of enquiries and helped me convert several of those enquirers into new business.

However I wisely had the site reviewed in a Website Critique forum on Ecademy (an online business network). Some of the criticisms were blatantly correct and sorely obvious so I have made my mind up to alter the pages on my website.

Nothing too drastic, just alterations in content. Mostly decreases with links to break up the information on web optimization into smaller pieces. That way it will make the site easier to read.

I will check to see if I can improve my grammer and look to reduce the number of words on each page - bar the home page of course.

In all the site currently is being listed for the following keyword phrases - as I said early days but its on the increase so as I increase my content I will see my site coming up for more keywords.

Here is the current list for August - and we are only 14 days in:

web optimisation (found via PPC)
all things web
uk seo experts (organic search - pleased with this result)
initial marketing
website design 499 plus vat
market website (PPC)
seo experts uk (dead chuffed with this result but does only show on a Google UK Search)
home top 10 submit site
show keywords to find instant links
website in google results
benefits of linking with other services
submit a new website
ppc web pages
set up google campaign (third on Google, a pleasing result)
advertising a new website
website marketing guidelines
advertise my website
sdk photography
css webpage content
website optimisation
ppc increasing conversions
major website design mistakes
market my website
sponsored links in blue background adwords
ecademy vat
marketing consultancy per hour
medium level targets
get your website in google results (1st page results for this phrase so worked out well)
web site optimisation
website optimisation uk windsor
pictures of blunsdon wilts
how to get in the blue background in adwords
increase ppc conversion rate (Google UK search only but again on the first page and worked out well)
how to get a website into google s index
website underconstruction signs

So if you do not believe the route to securing targeted traffic to your website via unique keyword phrases I would say there is almost undisputable proof that this concept DOES work.

I'm off to sort my website out - and stay one step ahead of the game!