Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Long Tail of Keywords

I found my website comes up eigth on Google for uk seo experts (admittedly only on a Uk search).

Not a bad result - its taken me around 7 weeks to get listed for that but I'm pretty chuffed with the result.

I operate as a one man band offering SEO to small to medium sized clients across the UK - though mainly targeting businesses in England.

I like to think I compete in a COMPETITIVE arena online so have to play by the rules but with an edge. And that edge?

Looking for keyword phrases with very little competition - the what is now known as "the long tail" - I always used to consider it was "the poor man's nitty gritty keywords".

I come in from the sides if you like rather than run a full frontal assault on the search engines when optimising websites - thats why I seem to be popular with companies with smaller online marketing budgets. I get things done ethically and properly - might take a little longer than some of the big guns in SEO but my clients are always pleased.

I have always done SEO like this and when I started years ago thought I was just being too cautious... however it soon became a popular way of getting good rankings with the likes of Google... and there was me thinking I was just being too goody-too-shoes!

So next time you think you want to go after truly competitive keywords why ot do some research and target the long tail?? Its working for me not only driving visitors but also generating enquiries.