Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Free Search Engine Submission - 'tis BS!

Free Search Engine Submission sounds like something you cannot afford to miss, however the main 4 search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask are the only ones you want to ensure list your site.

The best way to do that, generally, is to ensure other websites want to link to you because of the high quality of the content you offer. Submitting your site to "thousands of search engines" is frankly a waste of time.

Think about it - name more than 10 search engines - most people struggle to get past 5! So thousands of search engines is to me anyway a pointless exercise.

Getting Linked to from industry related websites is important to generate traffic but free search engine submission services are generally just after your email address to sell on.

Building links from niche directories connected to your industry is a great way of generating links and likely to help send you traffic that is actually interested in your website.

A list of Free (and Paid) Directories to help you generate links to your site.

I make no guarantees that each directory is still free in the list (or spam free) but it is worth the time submitting your site to get it out there. Don't get too distracted by it though!