Monday, July 31, 2006

Your web page has less than 10 seconds!

It fascinates me when I am asked to view a website as the owner states people are hitting the page and almost IMMEDIATELY leaving.

Its usually very apparent - their website's content is not targeted and the written copy is generic, full of jargon and does not make clear what it is that is on offer.

Most users have a short attention span when searching and hitting a webpage (less than 10 seconds) - they want immediate results and to be satisfied the page they have found makes it easier for them to find out more or best of all make a purchase from you.

If the page does not CLEARLY AND QUICKLY show what they are searching for then you're going to drive your website's visitors away!

It's important to user test your site. It is worth the investment - otherwise you may lose the opportunity of purchases from not realising what visitors are doing on your website.