Thursday, July 27, 2006

Benefits of Google PPC

Google PPC, more commonly known as Google Adwords™ - by the way "PPC" stands for Pay Per Click - can offer some serious benefits to companies looking to make the most from a website.

Google Adwords CAN also present some serious downsides of which I will briefly mention further below.

Ok so the benefits of Google PPC are:

Immediate - can take as little as 15 minutes to set up though if done correctly you might want to consider spending a bit more time to ensure you've got the right keywords and the best value budget possible - avoid paying high bid rates if at all possible.

Cost effective - if carried out correctly advertising with PPC can be VERY fruitful for a reasonable modest outlay.

Directly measurable - by creating landing pages outside of your main website or installing tracking code on the existing pages you can measure your costs against acquiring each customer and/or measure click through rates to your website on a simpler scale.

Any size company - from low budgets to huge amounts of marketing investment per month any size of company - the one man band to the huge corporate can take a piece of the online pie.

The downsides and pitfalls of Google PPC

Click Fraud, have to admit its a common problem to some advertisers but I it does not affect everyone. Click fraud is where people paid to do so or your competitors directly click on your Ads to waste your budget and deprive you of real traffic to your website. I've yet to see that hapen on any of the Campaigns I manage but it is something I do keep an eye on. Google does have its eye on the problem and will likely investigate any serious fraud taking place.

Cost - in the long term it is more cost effective to be listed in the Organic results and not the sponsored links on Google. But if you are waiting for Google to list your site you can use Google Adwords to generate interest in your website and help mine for more keywords to add into new and existing articles on your website.

Competition - competition is fierce so you're going to need to be on your toes to get the best from your ads. In some sectors the actual profit from a sale is less than the actual cost of each click through for an Ad so you are going to have to watch budgets against click through rates carefully.

Addictive - it can be all too easy to continuely monitor a new campaign looking at results every few minutes, tinkering with Ads and keywords and generally not leaving things alone. Sit back, relax and let your Ads run a while. When there is sufficient data THEN can you sift through the detail. Experienced Google PPC professionals give each Ad time to develop before making significant changes. Well I do anyway!

Google AdWords™ is one of many possible methods of getting traffic to your web site, though it is a great way to get traffic early on with a new website. Its also easy to keep control over ad budgets and now with day parting you will be able to stretch your £ or $ even further.

Give it a go. Who knows what might happen but its worth the effort, trust me!