Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making Easy Money with Adsense

Yes my friends you have found the secrets to making money the easy way with adsense - in facts its soooo easy you can earn thousands of dollars whilst you sleep...

Sound familiar?

I have to admit I am keen to build more websites and make use of Adsense however there is one thing that I do know and that its hard work to:

  • design,create and build the website
  • create inspiring content
  • source powerful images
  • optimise around targeted keywords
  • build links to the website

If you as a friend of mine so eloquently puts it "just want to fill up the internet with crap" (nice one John, I know you're reading!) then I can guarantee your website won't generate many visitors and no traffic is gonna = no Adsense income.

For success with Adsense I would recommend you concentrate on a niche product or service, I found mine by spending an hour conducting some research online using Wordtracker and a bit of savvy.

Then start researching your niche to see who your competitors are and what it is they are doing so that you can better that.

Make sure you include relevant space inside your website to carefully place Google Adsense to get the best response from your website visitors. That does not mean to con or fool your users into using Adsense which will only get your Adsense account suspended or closed by Google.

I'd stay away from adult content... from my own experience (ahem!) I have seen plenty of ads blocked on a page I thought would be suitable. Keep it clean and legal for best results.

A carefully placed search box for Adsense can also prove useful to your users - make sure it features in your website.

Well thats it for making money superfast and easy with Adsense... as you can see its not as easy as it seems (so welcome to the real world online!)