Thursday, April 05, 2007

10 GREAT tips on lying to your audience.....

Here's my top ten tips on lying to your audience:

1. DON'T

2. DON'T

3. DON'T

4. DON'T

... you get the drift but I'll give you an example that happened to me this morning... trivial but left me annoyed...

I'm fed up with Radio 1 and GWR Swindon radio stations so found a local based radio station on my drive home this morning. I am not normally a fan of local radio but the music sounded ok... so I kept them on.

Their traffic guy eventually came on and reported something like:

"...the A419 is currently extremely busy, we're getting reports of caravans and motorhomes on the A419 all heading south to the M4 motorway in early anticipation of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend..."

Well I was on the A419 at that moment, waiting in line to cross the oncoming lanes, watching traffic moving southbound towards the M4. I sat there for almost 3 minutes waiting for a gap in the traffic and never saw a caravan or motorhome... not one! Just heavy trucks, vans and commuters...

It wasn't even that busy... normally I can cross quite quickly as the traffic is mostly stationary and most drivers form a gap for you to cross... but the traffic was moving at 50mph... something quite rare at 07-15am!

Why then did the radio station seem to lie to its audience...? They might say they were "misinformed" but from my marketing perspective I lost all faith in them as a trustworthy radio station and flicked back over to Radio 1... so I'm still stuck listening to Chris Moyles and his team going through one of their "off the cuff" and "risque" conversations (which is so obviously scripted its pathetic and rarely funny...)

The local radio station (whose revenue is built through radio advertising) lost a potentially valuable listener this morning by getting their facts (IMHO) wrong. Make sure you don't. Ensure your copy and sales pitch is ethical, factually true and correct. Stay away from "bending the truth" - it will come back to haunt you and then destroy any integrity, trust and faith you built up with a client.


Ps this is also me getting fed up with the media manipulating the truth to create hype, or worse "hysteria", instead of just reporting the facts plain and simple.