Monday, March 26, 2007

Back from my small break away...

Having spent some time away for my 34th birthday (and with the wife) I am now back in the office raring to go (and looking forward to my trip to the UK's Lake District towards the end of April).

Whilst away we managed to get some walking done (we were in Dartmoor National Park) up on the moorland.

The first day the weather was typically UK - dull and overcast, twas a little cold too... we walked from the hotel through Chagford and up onto the moor. However our plans were somewhat thwarted in that the area we needed to proceed through to the west was extremely flooded and marshy... so we diverted and headed north onto the moor for a few kilometres.

As time was pressing on we then headed off the moor and back down into more civilised country ultimately ending up in the village pub - not far from our Dartmoor hotel - Mill End Hotel. The skies brightened on the return journey and we even found time to check out Gidleigh Park (very impressive) - the manager took us on a tour of the newly refurbished hotel and it is somewhere we will definitely be staying for a couple of nights later this year...

I spent some time taking photos along our route which I have posted below - click on each one for a larger version.

Our second day (Saturday) - the weather was far better, if a little hazy... but you cannot moan at clear blue skies on Dartmoor any time of year... a northerly wind made it a little chilly but with the right gear nothing to worry about!

Have to admit we "cheated" a little and drove the car onto the moor and then started from up on top - fine by me...

Have to admit with the northerly wind hitting us head on, our way back to the car was a bit of a slog - especially walking on an old military road (North Dartmoor is an active military range), did tire out the old feet!

We got some great views though Helen admitted she didn't think Dartmoor was as dramatic as The Lake District's mountains.... true, but then the hills are not quite as steep in Dartmoor!

Enjoy the photos.


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